Long Travel radius arms, weld on axle mount box frame
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Long Travel Radius arms for alternate axles such as Dana 60 or 3/4ton Dana 44 front axles.  Also can be made to work on other axles (inquire if using on Rockwells or other axles).

10 3/" Longer than stock radius arms (measured pivot point to pivot point) that completely replace the suspension travel limiting effects of the stock radius arms. Completely new construction arms are built from 2” diameter 5/16” wall DOM tubing and 1/4” plate steel for excellent durability. Radius arms are designed for extra turning clearance for large tires. Heim joint is 1" bore/bolt by 1 1/4" threaded shank, 3 piece unit.

Additional bushings built into the design for increased suspension travel as well as increased articulation by properly dissipating “axle radial twist”. Longer than stock design greatly increases ride quality. Welding and drilling required.  Comes with frame brackets, radius arms, axle brackets, heim joints and associated hardware.  Normally used on boxed frames such as those found on 66-77 Broncos or other 3" wide boxed frames (if used on C channel frames boxing the stock frame is required).

 These are a build to order item.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for us to build and ship them.

  • Item #: F2F1.200A
  • Manufacturer: Bloody Knuckle Garage

Long Travel radius arms, weld on axle mount box frame

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